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Our customers are used to working for the publicity sake, and this feature connects us strongly. Marvelous capacities of our video editing tools and programs change your personal perception of the world by visual rapture achieved by watching our work samples. The prodigious team of designers, editors, and sound/video producers offers you the might of their powers and gives a particular range of them. Individual abilities serve to certain reasons:

Subtitles – to make your story clearer for the viewers

Stereoscopic 3D video editing – to let your vision be real

The complicated process of video encoding – to give digital freedom to your material

Voice-over narration function – to tell the main idea of your video by words to avoid misunderstanding

Audio mastering – to joy your hearing sense

Motion graphics – in order to let your footage stay in focus

Color correction – to show people the beauty of the world color spectrum

3D animation – to make your vision real

Green screen keying – to combine the seen live object with the imaginary one

Sound design – to give the right mood to the film or B-roll.

We will talk later about some of them and why your video needs them so much. If you still aren’t sure that your occupation fits our offers, we can assure you that we are providing the most common services which include but are not limited to:

TV commercials

Concert Visuals

music videos

independent films

movie trailers

stereoscopic 3D.

We are the helping hand for many other spheres of the filming process. Large and small companies, private studios, and one-man productions alike are welcome at any time. We see no difference between all of you; our clients' desires are our super-missions which should be completed as soon as possible.

Kami menerima pembuatan video animasi utk tugas kuliah. Tugas akhir, skripsi . Bisa cek portofolio saya di youtube.com/mrgaliho
Bisa wa saya di 085642440571

- Rotoscoping
- penggabungan 3d dan live shoot
- Motion graphic
- Motion Tracking

Berikut portofolio singkat nya 

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